Mechanical drawing people

Number of recruitment:Two
Marital status:Unlimited
Work experience:More than one year 
Requirment of age:Twenty-Thirty
Requirment of sex:Ulimited
Requirment of degree:Junior college degree or above 
Requirment of speciality:Enginery
Ability of computer:Excellence
Requiremnt of foreign language:English


specific requiremens

College degree or above of mechanical engineering, more than one year experience in mechanical parts design or mechanical drawing experience, manipulate CAD and 3D design software, Excellent English or familiar with machining process is preferred.

Please send your email to :

Telephone: 86-532-87989999 Ext 8888

Address: No.7 Zhengyang Road, Xifu town Industrial Park, Qingdao, China. Zip code: 266109
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